Welcome to the "AUTOMAT" Kit  Program !

All creative designers know the tiresome procurement problems to find suitable components for their planned constructions like model makings and prototyping design tasks.
One has good spontaneous ideas and seeks for a rational and quick solution to realize them.
The "traditional" way to solve this problem was to make drawings and to find different suppliers to buy the needed parts.
Unfortunately this is a time taking, costly and cumbersome procedure!
So many of such good ideas pass away - become lost.
But there is a much better way to solve such procurement problems !
By using the series of AUTOMAT Construction Kits and components.
These smart kits were created 1960 by a team of experienced lab engineers, to cut timetables and for easier and faster prototype design of special machines, lab equipment and many different devices.
The main advantage of the professional AUTOMAT Kits is the concurrent availability of many standard components in kit form- being composed by following actual needs of experimenters.
More than 500 different precise machine components on hand will assure a fast and easy realisation of many design ideas. Drawing on such plentiful resources you are ready to start all your constructions immediately.
Changes and revisions don't yield superfluous components since all parts are reusable. Therefore all designs can be made riskless, e.g. without costly scrap.

The actual AUTOMAT Kit Program

has been nicely extended by the new Leonardo Medium Kits types 700 and 800. Both kits types contain separate groups of construction elements.
Kit 700 offers frame components only - whereas Kit 800 contains the large program of drive & gear elements.
As many special parts have been deducted from previous kit contents, they are now offered in a good price version. 


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